Protect Yourself and Have That Firearm Legally Transferred at
The Outpost Guns and Ammo
Find that perfect firearm online? Want to buy a gun from your next door neighbor? Protect yourself and legally have that firearm transferred at The Outpost Guns and Ammo. We make it simple and easy and we’re here to help you!
Firearms transfers come in two types:
1. You purchased a gun from an out-of-state dealer and want it shipped to us for final transfer to you. Please call us a 228-832-1299 so we can get the process started for you. Scroll down to "How to buy on line"
2.  *Pending latest "Executive Order", may become mandatory on idividual transactions (hopefully not) or you may just want to do the transfer in the shop to have that peace of mind  as opposed to a  seller who you may not be able to contact after the deal is done.
You want to purchase a firearm from another private party. In order to this legally, and with reliable record, your best bet is to come into the store with the seller. The gun is transferred into our inventory, and out of the seller’s name. You will fill out the federal firearm purchase for and present current identification and, if applicable, permit to purchase. We will verify the background check and, upon successful completion, transfer the firearm to the new owner.
Our fee for firearm transfers is just $15.00 per gun for the Federal paperwork and NO sales tax. We want make this as simple and easy for you as possible, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Our Service Guarantee - To You

Buying a firearm is a life experience as most are transferred to family, and we understand the pride taken in owning firearms and the joy of passing them down in the family later in life to children, or grandchildren so we want to make your experience purchasing that favorite gun unforgettable, and a pleasure to buy. We back our sales, and our word to you!!!!
I still have customers from 25 years ago talk about certain guns they bought and still have them, as well as the jokes we told during their vist to the shop. Make The Outpost Guns and Ammo  your #1 stop when you shop.   
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Gun Cleaning, Repairs, Adding Accessories, Hot Blue,
Trigger Work, Transfers, Special Orders, 
Complete Sales and Service !!!! 
  1. How to Buy Online
Buying guns online is both safe and easy, plus it saves you time and money. However, there are certain Federal and Local laws that must be obeyed.
Federal Firearms Laws prevent us from shipping firearms directly to you. Instead, we ship any firearm purchased on our site to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer in your area.
Here’s how it works:
1. Make your purchase online, ensuring you are following all state and local laws.

2. Find an FFL dealer in your area that will accept the transfer of your firearm.

3. Have your dealer FAX or email us a copy of their valid and signed FFL form. Emailed copies can be sent to . [email protected]  IMPORTANT: Please make sure your dealer includes your Order ID#, as well as your name with the FFL. California orders ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
4. Once we have received the FFL, we will ship your order to your dealer and you will receive a confirmation of shipment via email.
5. Once your dealer receives your firearm, they will contact you and you can complete all the necessary paperwork and pick up your firearm.
We’ll be glad to transfer a gun you purchased from another dealer in our retail store. Basically this above proceedure in reverse order..
We offer all the known brands of firearms!!! If we dont have it we will special order it!!!

$15.00 TRANSFERS!!!!